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Rachel Berry
03 May 2013 @ 05:43 pm
Not yours LJ.
Rachel Berry
23 November 2009 @ 09:09 pm
Ten things about Rachel Berry

1. I plan on being famous. Fame is the most important thing in life. My plan has already begun, with music and dance lessons since I was a small child as well as a daily My Space uploads. I have to keep myself sharp. My most recent endeavor is the McKinley High Glee Club. It has been a rough start but we're really sharp now and I have no doubt that we'll make it to nationals, assuming there are no more bumps and the rest of my team keeps sharp. I plan to make sure that each of them is in top form.

2. I have two dads. It's not like that TV show from the early 90s. My dad's are gay, they found a surrogate and mixed their sperm together. I still don't know which of them is my biological father. I was born of love and that gives me hope for my future.

3. I will be a star one day. Positive thinking, high goals and a strict diet and exercise routine are the key to my success. Not to mention my years of vocal training. I always put a gold star by my name, it's a metaphor for my imminent stardom.

4. I do not have a crush on Finn Hudson anymore. I'm past that. I'm focusing on my career and if I do find a boy worthy of my affections he will not be obsessed with tiny cheerleaders. But he will probably share the same good looks and quality singing voice that Finn happens to have.

5. I have a very diverse vocal range, it's one of the main reasons I believe I will be a star. I will admit that Mr. Schuester has opened my eyes to the value of popular music as a vehicle for my stardom. Before now I relied mainly on Showtunes and musical theatre.

6. One day I will be on Broadway, looking out at the crowd and singing all the songs I've grown up with. I will overcome.

7. Not many people at school like me. Not even in the Glee club. It's because they are jealous of my talent and yet they know they need it in order to win. To be our best, they need us and I need them.

8. I've found friends in Glee but still somehow ... I feel apart from them. Like they'd be happier if I wasn't there, if they didn't need me. I know I can be abrasive and bossy and everything but am I really so bad? I just have goals, ambition - do any of us really want to stay in this cow town?

9. I want to be a part of something special, something good. I want to be amazing at what I do and with Glee I feel like I am, all those things. We are special because we're different, all of us.

10. I'm jealous of Quinn. I know her life isn't as perfect as it seems but she always seems to know what she's doing, to have control over things (except for recently), even though she's occasionally mean and her singing voice isn't as good as mine I still always ... wanted to be like her, but I'd never admit it outloud. It doesn't even have anything to do with Finn, even though I'm jealous of her for having him too.

10. We will win sectionals, regionals and nationals. We will, because we're good and different and special.

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